Group Yoga Sessions

Group Yoga

Small Group Yoga Sessions are tailored for 10 students or less with 4 students being the minimum. The session(s) is/are held in your space of choice (Example: home, workplace, public spaces, parks, community centers, clubhouse, or recreation rooms or "Breathe at Ivy Studio 209"). This is a guided experience that is ideal for:

Athletic Facility

Doctor's Offices

Dental Practices

Summer Camps


Play Dates

Birthday Parties

Girl’s Night Out

Greek Organizations

Civic Organizations

We will be able to focus on one of the two areas below during this time:


During this class we place our bodies in a certain manner and move with our breath. Each movement is synchronized to a breath as we flow from pose to pose.


Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga in which postures are performed while sitting on or standing using a chair for support. You will find mobility in a way that is soft and gentle but also supportive and beneficial.

Call 336-775-7732 for details and pricing for this program to be tailored for your group. Base level pricing begins at $72.00.

In House Services Provided at

"Breathe at Ivy Studio 209".

The Warehouse On Ivy, 1245 Ivy Ave. Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101.

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