Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Bring the benefits of yoga to your corporate setting by providing yoga at your site that is personalized. Yoga is provide at your site with all supplies included. Research has shown that yoga can improve productivity at work and the overall wellness of employees.

We will be able to focus on one of the three areas below during this time:


During this class we place our bodies in a certain manner and move with our breath. Each movement is synchronized to a breath as we flow from pose to pose.


Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga in which postures are performed while sitting on or standing using a chair for support. You will find mobility in a way that is soft and gentle but also supportive and beneficial.


Desk yoga is yoga that can practiced throughout the day to alleviate workplace stress and tension. Poses are preformed from a seated and standing position.

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Corporate Yoga is packaged as 6 sessions. This package allows for 14 participants. Cost is $360.00.

Call 336-775-7732 for details and if you would like to tailor your program.

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